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WJHS Room 304

Page history last edited by Beth Goodwin 12 years, 7 months ago

Welcome to Wells Junior High School Room 304


I keep adding to this wiki. Check often for updates!



Elizabeth S. Goodwin M. Sp. Ed.

7th and 8th Grade Special Educator


Contact info


Call me at WJHS 646-5142 extension 3326 where you can leave a voice mail. 

Email me at egoodwinATwocsdDOTorg

I check voice mail and email a couple of times a day. If it is an emergency, please contact the office directly.





Technology = No More 'The dog ate my homework!'

 This year 7th graders will be getting their MLTI laptops earlier than ever!

All 7th and 8th grade students are assigned an iBook laptop. The laptop can go back and forth from home to school after a $50 non-refundable insurance premium covering loss/damage is paid. Please ask about scholarships. Go here for the WOCSD Technology Use Policy

Wordle: WJHS Laptop Code of Conduct



I've planned several Language Arts units that take advantage of this terrific access to technology.

Students will access the unit assignments through links to this page or the Sidebar.

Parents can view content and assignments, as well as links to more information.FrontPage


What kind of learner are you?  Take this quiz

Here is the Jeopardy Game


FInd the right book for you


Mad Libs  Mad Libs  Mad Libs

Click here to create your own Wacky Web Tale


Go here for TodaysMeet







Explore then bookmark them in your Writing Toolkit folder


Tools to Begin

Brainstorm with a Wordle

Hook your reader with a great action-packed opening

Do pictures help you form ideas? Search Creative Commons images, Google images, National Geographic,  or Library of Congress for visuals.

Try making a Photopeach to tell your story.

Doing research?  Ask is the user friendly search engine for more information

Remember... credit your sources! Go here for Son of Citation


Tools for the Middle

Organize and develop your topic with a Graphic Organizer

Improve your word choice! Use this Visual Dictionary

Need more help with word choice? Try these Awesome Adjectives & Sensory Words

How does it sound? Use VoiceOver on your laptop (Apple icon > System Preferences > Universal Access) or VozMe



Tools for the End

Ghotit a grate...gerat...great spell checker (Misspelled words are in red, suspected misused words are in blue)

Create your own editing checklist

VozMe paste in your text and hear it read back to you!

Hear it read! Again

Share! Publish the assigment to this Wiki, OurSpace, or send to the printer



Geocaching and using GPS in the classroom

(Thanks to the Perloff Family Foundation for supporting education, and to Cheryl Oakes and Bob Sprankle for tech support)

See and hear our new Geocaching Voicethread


Click hereand then here  to see and hear what students say!




The Journal of Sean Sullivan: A Transcontinental Railway Worker




Online physics games- Magic Pen


Pay Attention

7th Graders...are you surfing safely?  Watch this and click here:http://www.nsteens.org/




Parents...Talk about internet safety

Get started here:Cyber Ethics and WOCSD Grade Level Technology Standards


Need help decoding txt msg ?


Bonus materials!

Maine's Learning Results- the guide to what all students need to know


Did you know?  Watch this video



LD Online an information and strategies resource for parents and students


WOCSD Moodle websitehttp://moodle.wocsd.org



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